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The ONLY LEGAL Mobile Phone Signal Repeater

Approved for use in Australia by Telstra and Optus

Cel-Fi RS2 for Telstra (3G 850)

Cel-Fi RS2 for Optus (3G 900/2100)

Cel-Fi Repeater for Telstra 850MHz nextG Cel-Fi Repeater for Optus 3G
Cel-Fi Repeater for Telstra Next G Cel-Fi Repeater for Optus 3G

The Cel-Fi RS2 for WCDMA 850 supports
Telstra's Next G® network.

The Dual-Band Cel-Fi RS2 for 3G 900/2100 supports
Optus's 3G network.
cel-fi 3G repeater in building 
 cel-fi 3G repeater connect to multiple devices